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A Practical Manual of the Compass

By: N/A

Price: $25.00

Publisher: The U. S. Naval Institute, 1921:

Seller ID: 7002

Very Good. A short treatise on the errors of the magnetic compass, with the methods employed in the U. S. Navy for compensating the deviations and a description of service instruments, including the gyro compass. 234 pp. with numerous graphs, charts and diagrams. Oversized hardcover with gilt lettering. View more info

Gyro-Compass and Gyro-Pilot Manual

By: N/A

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Sperry Gyroscope Co., Inc. 1943:

Seller ID: 7004

VG+. Oversized Hardback. 66 pp. with numerous pictures and diagrams. View more info

The Mariner's Chronicle

By: N/A

Price: $125.00

Publisher: New Haven, George W. Gorton: 1834

Seller ID: 31226

Condition: G+

Containing narratives of the most remarkable disasters at sea, such as shipwrecks, storms, fires and famines. Also naval engagements, piratical adventures, incidents of discovery and other extraordinary and interesting occurances. 504 pp. illustrated. Leather has scraped away in many areas and front gutter has broken so that the cover, while still attached to the book, is quite loose. Foxing t hroughout as well as staining, but the text is quite readable throughout. Needs to be totally rebound. Quite scarce. View more info

Jock Scott, Midshipman: His Log

By: "Aurora" (anonomous)

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Langman, Green and Co. ND:

Seller ID: 2569

306 pp. with 8 illustrations. A book which shows insight into ship life at turn of the century. VG View more info

South Jersey's Oyster Industry

By: Bailey, Shirley R. (Compiled by)

Price: $50.00

Publisher: South Jersey Magazine: 1999

Seller ID: 39311

ISBN: none

Condition: Very Good

56 pp. with maps, photographs and illustrations. A close examination of the history and growth of the oyster industry and looking at some of the families involved in the business. Laminated pictorial cover with a pen and ink sketch by George Essig. Scarce title. View more info

International Register of Historical Ships

By: Brouwer, Norman J.

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Sea History Press/Mystic Seaport Museum: 1993

Seller ID: 38750

ISBN: 0-930248-05-8

Condition: As New

Second edition. 392 pp. which is a comprehensive directory of the world's preserved historic ships - information on over 1300 ships fro 52 countries, photographs (16 pp. in color) and 36 pp. of new appendices which include a full bibliography and a index. Oversized laminated pictorial cover. View more info

"Unsinkable" (The Full Story of RMS Titanic)

By: Butler, Daniel Allen

Price: $60.00

Publisher: Stackpole: 1998

Seller ID: 35382

Condition: As New

Stated first edition. 292 pp. with photographs, appendices, author's notes, notes and bibliography. Inscribed and signed on title page - "To Scott..Watch out for the icebergs!...Daniel Allen Butler, 4/13/98". View more info

"Unsinkable" (The Full Story of EMS Titanic)

By: Butler, Daniel Allen

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Stackpole: 1998

Seller ID: 39439

ISBN: 0-8117-1814-X

Condition: As New

Stated first edition. 292 pp. with photographs, appendices, glossary, notes, bibliography and more. The narrative of the sinking of the Titanic thru the recovery of the dead and their interment at Halifax, Nova Scotia, the discovery of the wreck in 1985 and finally the abortive 1996 attempt to raise a section of her rusted hull. A signed presentation copy - "To Betty, I hope you enjoy this! Daniel Allen Butler". View more info

Sea Power and Its Meaning

By: Clark, Joseph J. USN (Adm) and Capt. Dwight H. Barnes

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Franklin Watts: 1966

Seller ID: 39392

Condition: Very Good

First printing. 138 pp. with maps and chart. The role of sea power as an important force for the preservation of America's free way of life. Signed presentation copy. Wear and tear along edges of DJ. View more info

Shipfitting Practice

By: Commonwealth of Pa.

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Pa. Dept. Of Instruction: 1941

Seller ID: 37405

Condition: VG-

A manual of instruction for pre employment and supplementary training. Bulletin 345 prepared by the Pa. Division of Industrial Education and the Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company. 254 pp. with photographs and numerous illustrations throughout as well as three appendices including shipbuilding terms and reference tables for ship fitters, plus more. Blue cardboard cover with red design and lettering. While volume is complete ad clean, the wire ring which was to bind the volume is missing, resulting in pages being loose, however everything is present. View more info

Titanic (The Ship of Dreams)

By: Crosbie, Duncan

Price: $150.00

Publisher: Orchard Books/Scholastic: 2007

Seller ID: 37158

ISBN: 0-439-89995-8

Condition: VG+

Edited by Sheila Mortimer. Illustrated by Bob Moulder, Peter Kent and Tim Hutchinson. Paper engineering by Keith Finch and Tony Potter. First edition/first printing. Unpaginated. Silver with raised portal on cover with a holograph of the Titanic in the center. The ship appears to move when the book is moved. Raised letters of Titanic on cover, 3 dimensional view of ship on inner cover and numerous engineered pages throughout. Very scarce copy. View more info

The Archeology of the Atomic Bomb: A Submerged Cultural Resources Assessment of the Sunken Fleet of Operation Crossroads at Bikini and Kwajalein Atoll Lagoons

By: Delgado, James P., Et. Al.

Price: $75.00

Publisher: U. S. National Park Service: 1991

Seller ID: 38722

ISBN: none

Condition: As New

Southwest Cultural Resources Center Professional Papers No. 37. 208 pp. with numerous illustrations, photographs, tables and m ore. Oversized white illustrated cover with a depiction of an atomic bomb cloud. Scarce title. View more info

The Undersea Adventure

By: Diole, Philippe

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Julian Messner Inc.: 1953

Seller ID: 30457

Condition: VG+

Stated first printing. 236 pp. and 24 photographs throughout. The author offers an absorbing running commentary on his descriptions of the creatures of the sea as well as his daring do adventures. DJ sports a number of tears on edges and occasional gouges as well - 2" of the top of DJ spine is missing. View more info


By: Fostle, D. W.

Price: $25.00

Publisher: International Marine: 1988

Seller ID: 37477

ISBN: 0-939510-07-3

Condition: VG+

218 pp. with more than 200 photographs and drawings. The volume traces the development of these boats built for speed as well as the exploits of the men who built them from the Revolutionary War through the 20th century. An excellent historical and pictorial volume. View more info

Nautical Quarterly (Nos. 1 to 50)

By: Gibbins, Joseph (Editor)

Price: $500.00

Publisher: Nautical Quarterly: 1990

Seller ID: 37749

Condition: Very Good

Published between 1977 - 1990. An uninterrupted run of complete issues - 50 volume set. First 12 issues are softcovers encased in slipcovers with beautiful paste downs on cover. The remaining volumes (13 - 50) are hardcovers with black boards and each sporting a beautiful paste down on cover. All 50 volumes are in VG condition. Scarce complete set. View more info


By: Greenwald, Michael, et. Al. (Edited by)

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Blue Horizons Press: 1989

Seller ID: 39260

ISBN: 0-931297-02-8

Condition: Very Good

First edition. 600 pp. with maps and illustrations throughout. the volume does discuss many tales of disaster, but the importance of the volume is that it discusses in great detail lifesaving equipment, emergency radio communications, survival medicine and cold weather survival techniques. the book is devoted entirely to the subject of how to survive boating accidents and disasters. A "must have" volume for those w ho go to sea. Very scarce title. View more info

Nautical Quarterly (Issue 1 (Premier Edition) Through Issue 12)

By: Gribbins, Joseph (Editor)

Price: $250.00

Publisher: Nautical Quarterly: 1980

Seller ID: 37748

Condition: Very Good

All 12 issues contain color illustrations throughout and are encased in slipcovers with beautiful paste downs on their covers. All volumes in VG condition, both magazines as well as slip covers. View more info

Dressing Ship

By: Groene, Janet

Price: $6.00

Publisher: Hearst Marine Books: 1991

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 20789

Condition: VG+

How to furnish, refurbish and accessorize your boat. 185 pp. with photographs throughout. Contains everything a boat owner needs to know about how to best plan and lay out a galley, how to soundproof a boat, which bedding to buy, cleaning tips as well as special maintenance tips. View more info

History of Great Lakes Navigation

By: Larson, John W.

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Army Engineer Water Resources Support Center: 1983

Seller ID: 38633

Condition: As New

Navigation History NWS-83-4. 116 pp. with six chaptrs of Lake Commerce and Lake Transmissions 1866 - 1969, chronology, footnotes and bibliography. Laminated pictorial softcover. View more info

A Gunkholer's Cruising Guide to Florida's West Coast

By: Lenfesty, Tom

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Great Outdoors Pub. Co.: 1990

Seller ID: 39261

ISBN: 0-8200-0127-9

Condition: Very Good

7th revised edition. 155 pp. with photograaphs, some in color, illustrations and maps. A gunkhole is an ideal anchorage with protection from strong winds, good bottom for holding anchor, fish to catch and more. This volume shows whre to fund the gunkholes and rates them. Excellent volume for those who love to boat. Oversized laminated pictorial cover. View more info