History and Staff


Sam Marcus, Proprietor & Book Guru 
More than three decades ago, The Bookworm Bookstore’s proprietor, Sam Marcus, began selling books at the local flea market to fuel his passion for books and maybe make a buck or two. Over the years he built up an impressive inventory, loyal base of customers and life-long friends. Upon retirement from his day job, he moved the store to a more permanent location in the West Shore Farmer’s Market in Lemoyne. With a staff of loyal friends – together with his wife, son and daugher, this family business has hit the big time with an online presence as well. 

Rae Neubaum, Store Manager & Chief Book Finder


Doris Scheffey, Scheffey Custom Framing


Sara Kaplaniak, Marketing Manager & Janitor


Joe Marcus, Creative Director & Muscle


Margo Marcus, Information Specialist & Life Partner

Ben Derk, Associate & Chief Alphabetizer


Noah Kaplaniak, Assistant Alphabetizer & Candy Tester

Eddy Kaplaniak, Carpenter, Maintenance Guy & Muscle