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The Bookworm Bookstore started out more than 50 years ago as a side hustle for our founder, Sam Marcus. At that time, Sam worked as an employee with the Pennsylvania State Department of Higher Education (by day) while cultivating a healthy book hoarding habit (the rest of the time). After working all week as a bureaucrat, Sam spent his Sundays selling books, talking about books and sitting among books at his stand at the Silver Spring Flea Market. When the flea market closed, Sam--on the cusp of retirement--decided to give book selling "a go" full-time. He set up shop at the West Shore Farmer's Market and our bookstore has been there ever since. 

Today, Sam's children, grandchildren and friends-who-are-family continue his legacy at the bookstore. We enjoy talking with customers who bought books back in the Silver Spring days, new faces who say "I never knew this was here," and everyone in between. Regardless of which category you fall into, thank you for shopping at The Bookworm Bookstore!

Our store boasts everyone's favorite genres! We have mystery, romance, westerns, classics, sports, memoirs, civil war, Pennsylvania, science fiction, inspirational, reference, horror, young adult, history, politics, philosophy, pets,  business, nature, languages, poetry, cookbooks. You want it? We've got it!

"This little gem of a used bookstore can be found inside the delightful West Shore Farmer's Market.  You might think at first that there isn't much to see, but when approaching the store inside the market, you come to discover that what exists in the hallway is only the outside of the Bookworm Bookstore.  There's so much to see inside, with all kinds of book genres all well-organized and easy to search. The staff was incredibly friendly and approached me twice to ask if there was something they could help me find. They were very insightful and their kindness made the experience even more enjoyable. Highly recommend for the used book lover!" --Yelp Review by Adam O.
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