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Can't make it into the store? Find us online!

NOTE: & are NOT our physical inventory. We are an affiliate and earn a commission that

goes to independent book sellers if you click and make a purchase. (Thank you!) Logo.png


While you won't find our physical inventory here, We are a proud affiliate of and earn a commission if you click through our link to purchase a new book. (Thank you!)you want to share with your visitors.

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Are you more of a book listener? Our friends at make it possible for you to buy audiobooks directly through The Bookworm Bookstore. Every time you use a credit or make a purchase they split the profits with local bookstores like us!

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The Bookworm Bookstore has a large inventory of more valuable, and even rare and antiquarian books that we don't bring into the physical store. They are featured on our page at or by appointment if you wish to view one in person.

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